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Gold has shined again so far this year adding 10%; robust jewelry demand, continuing uncertainty with “Fiat Money” and QE has supported Gold prices. Quantitative easing can lead to inflation because of spending that derives from it. Spending can lead to growth for which then can lead to higher product prices because of the stronger demand. Can this bull market…


Just before the Great Global Credit Crisis hit the financial markets, rising inflation was the hot topic and so was Gold. From super high oil prices to super high real estate, the Federal Reserve had consistently raised interest rates from the year 2004 through 2007, to slow the robust economy. Interest rates rose from 1% to 5%, a 400% increase….


More New Highs for Gold Ahead? Watch the latest news about gold investment


NEW ERA FOR PRESERVING WEALTH! Gold, the forgotten asset class of the 80′s and 90′s is now becoming an asset in both Individuals & Fund Managers investment portfolios. Most investment portfolios are invested primarily in traditional financial assets such as stocks and bonds. That tradition is currently changing and the appetite for Gold is growing! If gold prices go to…


Learn the secrets of how to buy and sell silver. Growing trends in Industrial, Electronics and Financial Assets could propel current Silver prices to new records! Learn how to double or triple your MONEY if silver prices return to its previous record price of $49.50 troy once. For more information,  receive our FREE Silver Investment Guide by filling out the…

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